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Post by Zika Justice on Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:47 pm

What NOT to do:

• Commit Personal Attacks On Others.
- Verbally. (At least not in excessive amounts, that is. Drama is good sometimes Razz)

• Advertise other game sites or other websites.
- Not acceptable!

• Bump Old Threads.
- You are allowed to bump once a day (24 hours) otherwise it is considered spam.
- Old threads are threads that have not been active/posted in for a full 7 days (one week exactly).

• Link us to your Porn.
- We DO NOT accept that in these forums, we DON'T want to watch your dirty videos. -_o

• No Spam.
- Nu-uh.

• Hijacking threads.
- Be original and make your own!

What you SHOULD do:

• Post anything related to your gang!
- This forums soul purpose is to give you a way to promote your gang and get your friends to join and stuff! Very Happy

Note: Don't break the rules because we, as staff, monitor the forums every day for most of the time that we have and we WILL catch you if you do break the rules.

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