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Marketplace Rules Empty Marketplace Rules

Post by Zika Justice on Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:44 pm

Do Not:

• Hijack Threads
- Make Your own!

• Have Personal Attacks On Others
- Verbally.

• Advertise
- Not acceptable!

• Bump Old Threads
- Noo!

• Multiple Threads for same thing

• No Porn!
- Sorry Reefer, its rules.

No Give Me Threads
-Meaning No Threads asking or begging for help with money, if you really want help put it in your profile or message friends.

Please Do:

• Server Trading
- We'll allow you to post it here FOR NOW


Post your Banner Shop in the Graphics Section!

You Are Entitled to only 1 Bump per day

Note: Staff monitor the Marketplace many times a day, so please don't break the rules. We will find out Smile
Reefer, +Staff
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