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CHILDREN! (PLEASE read...) Empty CHILDREN! (PLEASE read...)

Post by Zika Justice on Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:55 am

Yo... I'm currently having dinner and chilling out here
I'll start off by being all like "HEY PEEPS, WHAT'S UP!?" cause lets face it, we all know I'm so gangstah Wink
I'm kidding...
I'm not very well informed of what's going on around here these days so I'm gonna have to do a little bit of reading while I try to get the melted cheese out of my teeth. Though I am aware that camping has been banned and I have had a couple of bunny questions (now personally I miss the whole bunny system and I'm glad to see some bunnies on FireFight! Very Happy) but since camping was banned and people need to get paid in order to be bunnies... so if bunnies who are protected don't get paid, the person protecting them can hit once or twice a day as can anyone else, this is quite a complicated matter so we might have to work something out with our beloved game owner<3

Other than that!
I've also been told by staff (Reefer included, duh) and players alike to keep an eye on some trouble makers and possible cheaters, if you guys are starting shit just cause you're bored, I will... DO SOMETHING BAD!
I don't know what... Again, I'll need to ask Reefer what I should do in order to keep assholes from attacking other players just cause they're bored and want to start trouble OR just cause they're, well... Assholes that wanna upset other people.
As for the cheaters who could be using auto-refresh and multi-tab and what not... YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! AND YOU WILL BE PUNNISHED! SO KNOCK IT OFF!!... Please? <_< >_>

Anyone who wants to chat can join my "Zika's chat corner" in off topic, I'll be on for a while if you guys need me Smile

Lotsa Love
Zika Justice
Zika Justice

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CHILDREN! (PLEASE read...) Empty Re: CHILDREN! (PLEASE read...)

Post by Conquered Territories on Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:25 am

Ello, Jessie. How are you my duckey?

Yes, bunnies...Hm, lets just say that there are no longer required. I would like to have a personal bunny, but no one here won't accept such a challenge. Maybe one will magically appear.

Hm, things have been a bit dramatic. So many people imitating the smaller players. They are not nice. As for the cheating (shrugs), I haven't notice such things. To be honest I don't think anyone would bother with refreshers. Such a pointless method to get ahead really, but who am I to say such..?
Conquered Territories
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