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Post by HOBBIT on Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:06 pm

DUE to all the family stuff thats going on in my life i have no time for online games anymore in fact ill be surprised if i even can afford the internet in the next few weeks Sad
This to me is a shame but what can i do not a lot so im selling up and ill use the money to get me as long as i can on the net so my TRUE friends can contact me

My account holds a lot a hell of a lot in fact Here is a list
1) OVER 20k points
2) 19 X 30 day pp packs
3) 4 X 60 day pp packs
4) 1 X 90 day pp pack
5) 3 X will potions
6) 1 X stealth ak 47

In total i also have 100 mill in bank

for this lot im looking for around $60/80 this is a good deal for someone who can spend the time needed for this game so i hope that you understand I DONT want to leave i just have no choice Sad

For all my friends ive met and made on here good luck with everything Please mail here or mnail me ingame ok
THANKS Rolling Eyes affraid affraid


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